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Autumn is Coming

Going back a few years I made a large series of fractals using one particular Julia formula which produces a single "big" spiral. Autumn is Coming, created in 2012, is a derivative of a much earlier work from this series, 'Magical Pillows'. The leaf-like structures, which were quite unintentional, and the texturing arose through exploring the many parameter variables in ‘Thingamajigs II’, Toby Marshall's adaptation of Dennis Magar original colouring algorithm.

All too often I find the texturing in a fractal can almost disappear through the rendering process, but in this particular image it came out much better than I expected it to, giving the segments of the spiral an almost tangible quality. The distortion of the spiral shape was produced using a technique I learned from Janet Parke many years ago on the UF mailing list, using 'fBm Glass 1' mapping, sandwiched between two applications of ‘General Inversion’. The fractal has 13 layers, and was created using Ultra Fractal v5.04.

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