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For many years I tried to avoid creating fractal art that attempted to look like flowers, instead tending to go for more abstract fractal spirals and shapes, and have only recently discovered the infinite possibilities of the plug-in feature in Ultra Fractal 5 and started using the ‘Flowers’ shapes plug-in to create much more realistic looking flowers. While ‘Cornflowers’ is still very stylised and has obvious Julia fractal structures, it is quite satisfying to be able to create a piece of fractal art that people who not familiar with fractals can immediately identify with. This image makes heavy use of the group feature to organise the layers that comprise the different elements – the flowers, leaves, stems, background and framing. It also relies heavily on masking techniques to define each element. Cornflowers has thirty seven layers, divided between six groups. 2015.

This image is copyrighted. See About Showcase.