Time settings

Each fractal starts with 100 frames and a frame rate of 30 frames per second, but you can of course easily change the length and the frame rate of the animation.

  Click the Time Settings button on the animation bar, or click Time Settings in the Animation menu. This opens the Time Settings dialog where you can extend, reduce, or scale the animation.

The Time Settings dialog enables you to enter new values for the number of frames and the current frame rate (in frames per second). The total time for the animation is also shown and updated as you type, according to the following formula:

Time (seconds) = Frames / Frame Rate (fps)

Before you enter a new frame rate, review the Lock frames and Lock time radio buttons. If Lock frames is checked, the number of frames will not be changed, so the total time of the animation will change according to the new frame rate. Otherwise, the number of frames will be adjusted as you type in order to preserve the duration of the animation.

With the radio buttons in the Existing keys group, you can globally scale the existing animation keys according to the new length in frames.


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