Formula parameters

The bottom pane on various tabs of the Layer Properties tool window shows all formula parameters that are specific to the selected transformation, fractal formula, or coloring algorithm. It's easy to see which parameters have been changed from their default values because they are highlighted in bold.

There are eight types of parameters:

Many formulas require a bit of experimentation with the parameters to learn how to use them. For new users, it is best to stick to the standard formulas and learn how to use these first.


Some formulas (such as the standard formulas) contain additional help. To access it, click the Help button.


To copy the formula settings (including parameter values) between layers, click the More button, and then click Copy or Paste.


To reset all parameters to their default values, click the More button, and then click Reset Parameters. To reset an individual parameter to its default value, right-click it and click Set to Default. If a parameter is not at its default value, it is highlighted in bold: this shows you at a glance which parameters have been tweaked.

In some formulas, such as Orbit Traps, parameters are divided into groups by headings.

You can collapse and expand the heading and the parameters below it by clicking on the arrow button. Right-click the heading for a menu with commands to collapse and expand all headings.


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