General keyboard shortcuts

The following general keyboard shortcuts apply to any document window in Ultra Fractal, and some can also be used when no document window is open at all.

Windows Mac Menu command Description
Ctrl+N Cmd+N File|New|Fractal Creates a new fractal window.
Ctrl+O Cmd+O File|Open Opens an existing document file.
Ctrl+B Cmd+B File|Browse Opens a new browser window to open and organize your documents.
Ctrl+D Cmd+D File|Duplicate Duplicates the active document window.
Ctrl+S Cmd+S File|Save Saves the active document.
Shift+Ctrl+S Shift+Cmd+S File|Save As Saves the active document with a new name.
Shift+F2..F10 Shift+F2..F7 Window|Tool Windows Shows and hides a tool window.
F1 Cmd+Shift+? Help|Help Shows context-sensitive help.

You can use several keyboard shortcuts with most input boxes for layer parameters. These are shortcuts for the commands found in the right-click popup menu for the input box.

Windows Mac Popup menu Description
Shift+Ctrl+K Shift+Cmd+K Insert/Delete Key Inserts a key for this parameter at the current frame, or deletes the existing key. See Editing animations.
Shift+Ctrl+X Shift+Cmd+X Explore Starts the Explore feature for this parameter.
Shift+Ctrl+E Shift+Cmd+E Eyedropper Starts the Eyedropper feature for this parameter.
Shift+Ctrl+C Shift+Cmd+C Copy Complex Value For complex parameters, copies both the real and imaginary value to the Clipboard so you can transfer it to another complex parameter.
Shift+Ctrl+V Shift+Cmd+V Paste Complex Value Copies the complex value on the Clipboard to this parameter.

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