Magnet 1 and 2 (Julia, Mandelbrot)

The magnetic fractal types are created by a formula that models the way magnets behave under high temperatures. This leads to fractal pictures that are similar to the classic Mandelbrot and Julia sets, but with more complex patterns and numerous Mandelbrot set miniatures.

There are two common magnetic fractal types. Type 2 is more complex than type 1. Both types are available as Mandelbrot and Julia versions, so you can use the Mandelbrot version as a map to switch to the corresponding Julia fractals.

Both Mandelbrot and Julia versions of the Magnet fractals are available as fractal formulas in Standard.ufm and as fractal formula plug-ins in Standard.ulb.

The formulas provide the following parameters:

(Mandelbrot only)

For the standard fractals, this should be set to (0, 0). Other values create distorted shapes that can be interesting, but they are usually not as well-formed.

(Julia only)

This parameter specifies the point in the Mandelbrot version that corresponds to the current Julia set. It defines the shape and behavior of the Julia set. Use the Switch feature to select good values.

Bailout value

Specifies the magnitude of z that will cause the formula to stop iterating. Use a value above 30 to obtain well-formed fractals.

Convergent bailout value Specifies the minimum difference between subsequent z values at which the formula will stop iterating. Smaller values give more accurate results at the expense of calculation time.

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