Standard plug-ins

All standard transformations, fractal formulas and coloring algorithms that come with Ultra Fractal are also available as plug-ins in the Standard.ulb file. This file is installed with the other standard formula files in the main formula folder. For more information, see the documentation for the standard formulas:

For tips on how to use the standard plug-ins, see the plug-in usage examples.

Generally, to get as much formulas and plug-ins working together as possible, it is necessary for them to share the definition for common types of plug-ins. These shared definitions are in the file common.ulb. By adhering to these definitions, different formulas and plug-ins from different formula authors can easily work with each other. The common.ulb file is installed in the folder for public formulas so it can be updated automatically via the online formula database when necessary.

The common.ulb file is intended mainly for formula authors. For everyday users, it does contain some useful plug-ins:

For formula authors, the common.ulb file is invaluable and almost any plug-in you write should be based on one of the base classes found here. If you think modifications or new base classes are needed, please e-mail to or the UF programmers mailing list with your suggestion.

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