Plug-In Clipping

The Plug-In Clipping transformation cuts a shape out of a fractal. The shape is determined by a clip shape plug-in, and Plug-In Clipping allows any compatible clip shape plug-in to be selected.

By default, the Clipping plug-in from Standard.ulb is selected.

The following parameters are available:

Clipping Region

Selects whether to cut the region outside the clipping shape, or inside the clipping shape.

Screen-Relative Coordinates

If checked, all coordinates are interpreted as relative to the screen. This makes it harder to enter coordinates (because you can no longer use the eyedropper), but it preserves the location of the clipping shape relative to the screen when zooming. The coordinates are interpreted with (0, 0) at the lower left corner of the fractal window and (1, 1) at the upper right corner.

Clipping Shape This is the clip shape plug-in parameter. You can select any plug-in that represents a clipping shape.

Plug-In Clipping can also show handles around the edges of a clipping shape. The number and position of these handles are determined by the selected clipping shape. By default, handles are shown in the fractal window, but not when rendering or on previews. Under Handle options, this can be configured:

Show Handles

Sets whether handles are displayed at all.

Not on previews If checked, handles are hidden on previews, for example in the browser or for explore or eyedropper previews.
Not on renders If checked, handles are hidden when rendering to disk.
Show Numbers If checked, a number or label is displayed next to each handle if applicable.
Show Lines If checked, lines are displayed if applicable.
Handle Size Adjusts the apparent size of the handles.
Handle Thickness Adjusts the apparent thickness of the handles.

Note: Handles are shown by toggling the solid color of the transformation on and off, so you might not see them properly if the solid color does not contrast with the fractal. Also, they do not work well in combination with the Guessing drawing method.

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