Keyboard shortcuts for formula editors

The following keyboard shortcuts apply to formula editors:

Windows Mac Menu command Description
Ctrl+P - File|Print Prints the active document.
Ctrl+Z Cmd+Z Edit|Undo Undoes the last action.
Ctrl+Y Cmd+Y Edit|Redo Cancels the last Undo command.
Ctrl+X Cmd+X Edit|Cut Moves the selected text to the Clipboard.
Ctrl+C Cmd+C Edit|Copy Copies the selected text to the Clipboard.
Ctrl+V Cmd+V Edit|Paste Pastes the contents of the Clipboard into the editor.
Ctrl+A Cmd+A Edit|Select All Selects all text.
Ctrl+F Cmd+F Edit|Find Finds text in the active document. See Finding text and formulas.
Ctrl+H Cmd+H Edit|Replace Finds and replaces text in the active document.
Ctrl+G Cmd+G Edit|Go to Line Jumps to the specified line number.
Ctrl+E Cmd+E Edit|Find Formulas Finds formulas in the active document.


Edit|Previous Section
Edit|Next Section
Jumps to the previous or next section in the formula, for quick navigation.
Ctrl+I Cmd+I Edit|Indent Block Moves the selected text to the right. See Indenting and commenting.
Ctrl+U Cmd+U Edit|Outdent Block Moves the selected text to the left.
Ctrl+L Cmd+L Edit|Comment Block Turns the selected text into a comment.
Ctrl+K Cmd+K Edit|Uncomment Block Turns the selected comment into normal text.
Ctrl+M Cmd+M Insert|New Formula Inserts a new formula.
Ctrl+J Cmd+J Insert|Complete Template Replaces text just before the cursor with the corresponding code template. See Templates.
Ctrl+Q Cmd+Q - Quickly jumps to another formula.
F1 Cmd+Shift+? Help|Help Searches for help on the word at the cursor position. This works for reserved words, built-in functions, predefined symbols, settings, compiler directives, and labels.

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