The Mirror transformation mirrors the fractal along an arbitrary axis. It can be useful for mirroring effects with multiple layers. It is available as a transformation in Standard.uxf and as a transformation plug-in in Standard.ulb.

There are presets for a horizontal and a vertical reflection axis, but you can also specify any angle. The center of the axis is configurable, too.

The following parameters are available:

Reflection Axis

Selects the reflection axis. The axis points into the mirroring direction, so it is perpendicular to the imaginary mirror. Select arbitrary to specify any angle for the axis.

Reflection Angle

Specifies the rotation angle of the reflection axis, in degrees.


Selects the center of the reflection axis. Use the eyedropper (right-click and click Eyedropper) to select a point by inside the fractal window.

Use screen center

If checked, the reflection center is always centered on the screen. In this case, the Center parameter is ignored.

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