Network tool window

Note: You need Ultra Fractal Extended Edition for network calculations.

The Network tool window manages connections to other computers on the network. Ultra Fractal can then use these computers to distribute fractal calculations, so they are performed much faster.

To open the Network tool window if it is hidden, click Tool Windows on the Window menu, and then click Network.

With the list of connections in the tool window, you can add, rename, edit, and delete connections. Connections can also be enabled and disabled. By clicking on a connection, you can see its status, how long it has been connected, and how many pixels per second are calculated by the connected computer on average.

It is important to understand that the network tool window shows and edits the connections, but it does not "own" them. So, even when you hide or close the tool window, the connected computers will still continue to be used.

For more information on a specific control, click the help button in the title bar of the tool window, and then click the control, or move the mouse over the control while the Fractal Mode tool window is open.

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