Render to Disk tool window

The Render to Disk tool window manages render jobs. Fractals and animations can be rendered to disk to create high-resolution images and fractal movies with better quality than is possible in the fractal window. Each render command creates a render job that is subsequently performed in the background. The Render to Disk tool window shows the list of render jobs that are still to be finished.

To open the Render to Disk tool window if it is hidden, click Tool Windows on the Window menu, and then click Render to Disk.

Render jobs are calculated from the top of the list to the bottom, with new jobs added at the bottom. You can add, delete, pause, and resume render jobs. Multiple jobs can be calculated simultaneously.

It is important to understand that the Render to Disk tool window shows and edits the render jobs, but it does not "own" them. So, even when you hide or close the tool window, the jobs will still continue to be calculated normally.

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