Opening files and entries

Browsers are used to organize your work, but they can also open all types of files and entries. (This does not apply to modal browsers.)

To open a file or entry, double-click in the list on the right of the browser. If you double-click a folder, its contents will be shown.


Fractal files and parameter sets will be opened in a new fractal window. You can also drag them from the browser to any open fractal window.

Right-click on a fractal file, parameter file, or parameter set and click Render to Disk to render it to disk. You can also drag them to the Render to Disk tool window.

Right-click a parameter set and click Open as Text to open the parameter set in the formula editor to edit it manually.


You cannot open gradients directly by double-clicking them in the browser. However, you can drag them from the browser to an open gradient editor.


Transformations, fractal formulas, coloring algorithms and plug-ins will be opened in the formula editor.

You can also drag transformations to the list of transformations in the Mapping tab of the Layer Properties tool window. Fractal formulas can be dropped on the top of the Formula tab, and coloring algorithms can be dropped on the top of the Inside and Outside tabs to select them.

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