Rendering images

Rendering fractals to disk is the preferred way of exporting your artwork to bitmap images, ready for printing or publishing on the web.


To render the fractal in an open fractal window to disk, click Render to Disk on the Fractal menu.


Click the Add button on the Render to Disk tool window to render a parameter set to disk. Hold down the button and click Add Fractal to specify a fractal file to render.

This will open the Render to Disk dialog box. Here, you can specify a file name and file format for the image, the desired size and resolution, and the anti-aliasing settings. To get help on a control in the dialog box, click the ? button in the title bar, and then click the control.

Click OK to start rendering the fractal. This will create a new render job that starts calculating the image in the background. Render jobs can be monitored and managed in the Render to Disk tool window. See Render jobs.


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