Parameter files

Fractals can be saved as parameter sets as well as in fractal files. Parameter sets are much smaller than fractal files because they do not contain the calculated pixels. That means that the fractal has to be recalculated when a parameter set is opened. Parameter sets are ideal for sharing fractals with other users on the Internet.

Parameter sets are stored in parameter files. A parameter file (*.upr) can contain any number of parameter sets. This makes it easy to store and organize collections of parameter sets. Parameter files are stored as plain text and can be opened in text editors such as Notepad or the built-in formula editor.


To save a parameter set, click Save Parameters on the File menu. The Save Parameters browser will open. You can save the parameter set in an existing parameter file or in a new file. Type the name of the file and the title of the parameter set and click Save.


To open a previously saved parameter set, click Browse on the File menu. This opens a modeless browser. Select the parameter file that contains the parameter set that you want to open, and then double-click the parameter set inside the file.

You use browsers to organize and manage your parameter sets and parameter files, as well as other files that contain multiple entries, such as formula files. See Browsers.


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