Opening and saving fractals

Fractals are saved to fractal files (*.ufr). A fractal file contains one fractal, complete with the calculated pixels and all the information required to restore it. Because the calculated pixels are saved as well, fractal files can become quite large. However, the fractal does not have to be recalculated when opening the file.


To save a fractal to a fractal file, click Save on the File menu. If the fractal has not been saved before, a file dialog will pop up, where you can type a name for the fractal.


To open a previously saved fractal file, click Open on the File menu. In the file dialog, set the File type input box to Fractal files and select the fractal you want to open. The fractal will be opened in a new fractal window.

At the bottom of the File menu, there is a list of recently opened files. Simply click the name of a file to open it.

Fractal files are a good choice if you want to save fractals for your own reference, for example to a hard disk or CD. However, if you want to share your fractals with other Ultra Fractal users, it is better to use parameter files or copying and pasting.


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