The Ripples transformation adds a water ripple effect to the fractal. The center, strength, and frequency of the ripples are adjustable. It is available as a transformation in Standard.uxf and as a transformation plug-in in Standard.ulb.

Interesting interference effects are obtained by adding multiple Ripple transformations to a fractal, with different center and strength values.

The following parameters are available:

Ripple Center

Specifies the center of ripples. Use the eyedropper (right-click and click Eyedropper) to select this by clicking on a point inside the fractal window.

Use Screen Center

If checked, the ripple center is always centered on the screen. In this case, the Ripple Center parameter is ignored.

Ripple Strength

Specifies the strength of the ripples. Larger values give a larger distortion.

Ripple Frequency

Specifies the frequency of the ripples. Larger values will create more and smaller ripples.

Ripple Fade

Specifies how soon the ripples fade out. Larger values cause the ripples to fade out over a larger distance (so more ripples are visible).

Ripple Type

Selects how the ripples distort the fractal. The default Forward and Back option gives the most natural water-like effect, but the other options are also interesting.

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