Ultra Fractal 4.02 release notes

Ultra Fractal 4.02, released on November 7, 20051, is a free upgrade for Ultra Fractal 4 with bug fixes and some enhancements. This is a recommended upgrade for all users.

Changes and bug fixes

  • Improved speed and response when previewing and playing animations in the fractal window. (Animation Edition only.)
  • Fixed bug that caused the browser to generate numerous error messages on computers where the My Documents folder is redirected to a separate drive, such as E:\.
  • Improved keyboard focus handling for the fractal window. It will now always be focused when you click it. The F11 shortcut now works correctly, too.
  • Fixed problem rendering to AVI movies on some computers. In this case, Ultra Fractal would report 'Error saving image (Cannot open AVI file: ...)' in the render log file. (Animation Edition only.)
  • Fixed bug that could cause the Undo command for the gradient editor to become permanently disabled after undoing an action.
  • Fixed bug that caused error messages when changing an enumerated value of a parameter in the formula editor and then reloading the formula while the old enumerated value was still selected in the parameters list.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Split into tiles option to work incorrectly when rendering flame fractals. Note: The Split into tiles option should still be avoided when rendering flame fractals. See also Flame Fractals.


Download the free Ultra Fractal 4.02 upgrade

1 Ultra Fractal 4.02 was first released on November 3, but that earlier version introduced an eyedropper bug and did not have proper keyboard shortcut handling in the fractal window. If you have the November 3 version (which you can check in the About dialog), please download and install the latest version.
For technical support, you can also contact the author of Ultra Fractal via e-mail at .


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