Flame fractals and Out Of Memory errors

Since version 3, Ultra Fractal can calculate flame fractals with the Flame Fractals coloring algorithm in enr.ucl and Apophysis. This opens up new artistic possibilities, but it can also create problems. See the Flame Fractals topic in the Knowledge Base for more information.

Importing images

Images can be imported directly into Ultra Fractal 5 and above. With earlier versions of Ultra Fractal, you can convert them to specialized coloring algorithms with the Bring It In utility written by Mark Hammond.

Printing the help file

It is difficult to print topics in the Ultra Fractal help file because of bugs in the Microsoft help viewer. Instead, download the PDF manual and print it with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Help file translations

There are Spanish and German translations of the help file and the PDF manual.

Pasting parameter sets

With some versions of Outlook, you cannot directly paste parameter sets from emails or web pages into Ultra Fractal. There are various solutions that you can try:

  • Select View|Encoding and choose US-ASCII.
  • Paste into Notepad, and then copy/paste from Notepad into Ultra Fractal.
  • In the Options dialog, click Email Options, and uncheck "Remove extra line breaks in plain text messages".

If this does not help, ask around on the forum.


Ultra Fractal is available for Windows and Mac OS X. On Linux, you can run the Windows version of Ultra Fractal with VMware or WINE.

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