physicist posted Nov 17 at 1:09 am
Somehow, accidentally, I tagged an image as an animation, with one parameter having the animation indicator. As far as I know, I didn't do anything to do it, certainly not on purpose, and Animation was turned off as far as I know.
(1) How could I have done it, and how could I avoid it in the future?
(2) How should I undo it? I didn't see any way, so I edited the upr, taking out the code for
recent by physicist  ·  7 days ago at 8:28 pm
Eric B posted Nov 13 at 6:22 pm
When rendering animations with motion blur, all is well for the first 90% of each frame. This is when UF is calculating the fractal and antialiasing. The four CPU cores are maxed out and the CPU is 0% idle, as shown below on Activity Monitor.

But then comes the final 10% of the frame, which is when motion blur is being calculated. UF suddenly gets a lot slower. The CPU is 70% idle.
recent by Phillip  ·  Nov 17 at 5:25 pm
dint posted Nov 10 at 10:32 pm
I am going through the UltraFractal help

Combining fractals with Images.

And I get to this step:

"Locate the Color Trap plug-in parameter (currently set to Trap Shape Wrapper) and click the Browse button next to it. Navigate to the common.ulb file in the Public folder and select the Image Trap plug-in."

As soon as I click on Public->common.ulb

I get the follo
recent by Velvet--Glove  ·  Nov 13 at 12:33 pm
Urs posted Sep 30 '18 at 5:53 pm
Hi, after using only notebooks for over a decade, I am thinking about getting a (Windows) desktop PC. Not being much of a gamer, my primary concern with performance is deep-zooming the Mandelbrot set in UF. Does anybody have a suggestion for this, or even a benchmark computed on their machine?

I've read Frederik suggesting an i7. Is UF specifically tailored to Intel? I never read anything abo
recent by Eric B  ·  Nov 12 at 3:43 am
dint posted Jul 7 '21 at 5:19 pm
I've created serveral animations where I create with outputing slides to png's.

Though I noticed sometimes if I make a zoom animation too fast... the slides look blurry. Are there any tips anyone can give as what is a good "time frame" so the zoom is not too fast ratio to time so it wont look blurry?

I hope that makes sense.

I can upload a few frames if it helps.

Thanks in adva
recent by dint  ·  Nov 10 at 10:33 pm
physicist posted Nov 2 at 12:08 am
I'm contemplating writing a new mapping formula. I could write this as a transformation in a uxf file, or use Plug-In Transformation from Standard.ulb and write a UserTransformation to go in my ulb file.

So far, I don't see any advantages to doing it one way or the other. Comments?

recent by physicist  ·  Nov 10 at 8:56 pm
In a float param block, the compiler allows

default = 1/#magn
which can be useful, but doesn't allow

min = 1/#magn
which also can be useful.

Also the help entry "min setting" has a typo. The sentence "If this setting is not specified, there is no maximum value for the parameter." Obviously it should say minimum.

JVYV posted Oct 31 at 12:17 pm
Hi All,

This month 5 new fractal parameter files in the collection.

You can find the whole existing collection at the cloud of Microsoft:!1034&authkey=!ALIZio6ZmgV1aAo&ithint=folder%2ctxt

Greetings from Belgium

Jan Vyvey

Hi folks. I’ve made a zoom animation. I like it and now I want to extend it by adding another section at the end. I want the zoom speed to stay the same for the whole animation. In other words, I don’t want the movie to zoom in slowly during the first part and then zoom in quickly during the second part.

I’ve found the image I want to use for the new end frame. But UF w
I have a problem. I tried using perturbation theory for the Magnet Mandelbrot type I fractal, but after going a quadrillion zooms, the image becomes... well, you know what happens.

The code:

Magnet1Mandelbrot {
; Magnetic Mandelbrot set type 1. Use Switch Mode to select a
; magnetic Julia set.
z = @start
c = #pixel
x = real(z)
y = imag(z)
i = sqrt(-1)
z =
recent by Alexandre Vachon  ·  Oct 28 at 4:29 pm
This month I've been using Ultra Fractal to make illustrations based on drawing prompts generated by an AI. Kind of a frivolous exercise, but it has definitely sharpened up my techniques for using coloring formulas.

You can read about the prompts here:
and see the pictures I've made here:
recent by dannac  ·  Oct 26 at 5:31 pm
Mossop posted May 2 at 12:05 pm
I see the only version of Ultra Fractal available for macOS is still an Intel build. Are there plans to do a build for the new Apple M1 processors? I imagine it would be a lot faster for those devices.

recent by Eric B  ·  Oct 16 at 1:53 am
physicist posted Oct 10 at 4:49 pm
Mark Townsend's Fractalia formulas in mt.ufm in essence is

xnew = quadratic in x and y
ynew = quadratic in x and y
znew = xnew + flip(ynew)
Since each quadratic has 6 free parameters, he made 6 versions, Fractalia-1 through Fractalia-6, so the user could switch among them to help find good parameters.

My version instead uses one or two steps of randomization of parameters to help find a g
Alexandre Vachon posted Oct 7 at 11:52 pm
Has anyone tried to make a fractal from the Jenkins-Traub algorithm?

physicist posted Oct 6 at 1:49 am
Here's a fractal with 100% of points Inside; no points reach the bailout criterion. The Statistics tab says that the Min and Max iterations are both zero. I would have expected that both Min and Max would be set to #maxiter.

This is either a bug or a feature.

Here's an example:
/>test {
title="test" width=800 height=600 layers=1
credits="Jim Blue;10/5/2022" ant
JVYV posted Oct 1 at 9:42 am
Hi All,

This month no new fractal parameter files in the collection.

You can find the whole existing collection at the cloud of Microsoft:!1034&authkey=!ALIZio6ZmgV1aAo&ithint=folder%2ctxt

Greetings from Belgium

Jan Vyvey

dannac posted Sep 26 at 5:27 pm
Page 112 of pdf manual.

Says I can " click and hold down " Browse and a presets menu will appear.

Edit Presets, Add Current, Delete, Rename, Move.

That does not work no matter how long I hold.

Help please.

recent by dannac  ·  Sep 26 at 10:12 pm
physicist posted Sep 22 at 7:54 pm
The built-in functions include round, floor, ceil, and trunc. Trunc rounds towards zero. For floats, the behavior of trunc is equivalent to the following:

float func trunc(float x)
if x >= 0
return floor(x)
return ceil(x)
There is no equivalent function with < instead of >. In mathematics, I haven't even found a name for this. The best name that I cou
recent by physicist  ·  Sep 23 at 3:56 pm
physicist posted Sep 9 at 2:27 pm
Currently #numiter is readable only in the Final section of a ucl coloring formula. It is not even readable in the ResultIndex function of a ulb Coloring formula, where one might expect to be able to use it.

If #numiter were readable in any coloring formula, whether in a .ucl or. ulb file, some interesting coloring options would be available. For example, if coloring according to distance fro
recent by physicist  ·  Sep 13 at 7:50 pm
JVYV posted Aug 31 at 11:57 am
This month collection is the nice work of Mikhail Juhl, also known as OutsideFate. Please read his comments.

"All of my stuff is copyrighted by default, and so are these parameters. There is, however, a slight exemption to this rule as listed below:
You are allowed to review these parameters for personal learning, tweaking and as reference for future fractals.
You are allowed to monetis
recent by JVYV  ·  Aug 31 at 7:30 pm
Hey guys, Fate here! I just realised that in the 15 years I've been using UltraFractal, I've never actually made a post here, so I wanted to start out with a bang!

I'll be sharing the parameter packs that I've assembled from my pieces and share it with you guys here, on the off chance you don't have a deviantART account!

At the links down below, you can find 39 hand-picked parameters of m
recent by OutsideFate  ·  Aug 9 at 9:44 pm
physicist posted Jul 14 at 6:35 pm
The compiler objects to the continuation character in the example below, says it's not a valid character there. The truth is that the comment is not allowed there (should it be allowed there?), and the error message is wrong.

param enum F
caption = "F"
enum = "a" \ ; comment
It's fine without the comment.

param enum F
caption = "F"
enum = "a" \
recent by Frederik Slijkerman  ·  Aug 2 at 1:30 pm
JVYV posted Jul 31 at 2:37 pm
Hi All,

This month 7 very beautiful fractals in the collection.

You can find the whole existing collection at the cloud of Microsoft:!1034&authkey=!ALIZio6ZmgV1aAo&ithint=folder%2ctxt

Greetings from Belgium

Jan Vyvey

Spizzi posted Jul 22 at 7:11 pm
Hi All,
Today an UPR with SlopeHyperPolinomialSet, a Slope Mandeldrot.
Good week-end

polinomialMandelbrot {
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