Urs posted Sep 30 '18 at 5:53 pm
Hi, after using only notebooks for over a decade, I am thinking about getting a (Windows) desktop PC. Not being much of a gamer, my primary concern with performance is deep-zooming the Mandelbrot set in UF. Does anybody have a suggestion for this, or even a benchmark computed on their machine?

I've read Frederik suggesting an i7. Is UF specifically tailored to Intel? I never read anything abo
recent by Spizzi  ·  1 day ago at 6:37 pm
Ok, this might be a bit of a weird one, but I just managed to produce a problem that I've been meaning to reproduce for a while now:

Sometimes, when I and rendering something to disk while the preview is still also rendering, all UF windows start flickering erratically and the program becomes all but uncontrollable. In most cases I can somehow hunt down the window in question and close it or
recent by Velvet--Glove  ·  4 days ago at 6:19 pm
I've been playing around with the animation feature lately and have been attempting some fairly simple Mandelbrot zooms at low magnification. I created an AVI file for a 15 second video (both 60fps and 30fps) at 3840x2160 resolution, but when I tried to load it up I get an error that the video file is unplayable due to possible corruption. I attempted to play the file under 4 different media play
recent by zalasur  ·  4 days ago at 1:57 pm
Spizzi posted Sep 16 at 7:55 pm
Hi All,
I have uploaded a new version of SlopeMandNewton, this versione presents 10 sets, all compatible with the last one, now i can share also the parameters.

I was wondering, is there anything I regret about this fractal community that I've known for 20 years now?
Yes, there is something, I have lost several contacts due to different political views, I will start by saying that I don
recent by Spizzi  ·  Sep 18 at 12:47 am
physicist posted Sep 1 at 8:14 pm
With some of my recently changed formulas I've run into a problem. Here's a screenshot illustrating the problem:

The red bars should not be there. If I reload the fractal, the bars are different but still red. I also get different red bars with and without anti-aliasing, and different red bars when rendering. This image is with min and max threads of 20, the max on my system. With fewer
recent by physicist  ·  Sep 11 at 3:13 pm
Phillip posted Aug 28 at 8:10 pm

I've seen this several times now with different fractals, and I don't know what causes it, but sometimes multi-layer fractals are offset. This problem seems to go away when activating anti-aliasing in the working window. Here's a screenshot:

It seems to be always exactly 1 pixel along the y-axis of the monitor, no matter the rotation of the fractal. And it also remains 1 pixe
recent by Phillip  ·  Sep 11 at 2:09 pm
Phillip posted Aug 24 at 8:13 am

I am writing a coloring algo at the moment and I tried using min(val1, val2) where val1 and val2 are two floating point values, and the function does not exist (error: invalid function). So I went looking for an equivalent function and I cannot find one. Does UF not have such a fucntion? It seems like such a basic thing. Am I just overlooking something?


recent by Phillip  ·  Aug 25 at 7:22 am
MinersHavenM43 posted Jul 29 at 5:26 pm
When changing parameters, the image only updates after you change it again, after which the image will show the image with the previous parameters.

For example, starting with a power 2 Mandelbrot, changing the power to 5 will not update the preview, and changing it to 10 will update the preview to the power 5 Mandelbrot. Changing the power to 15 will update it to a power 10 Mandelbrot.

recent by Frederik Slijkerman  ·  Aug 13 at 11:44 pm
Completely new to Ultrafractal.

Is it possible (and if so, in a simple way) to do black and white (no gradient) scatter plots for Julia sets with Mandelbrot parameters (i.e. constant offset) as input (ideally selecting from a Mandelbrot plot)?

And is it possible to adjust "dot size" for that in a reasonable way? Background: The goal is to have these printed, and pure dots on big resolutio
recent by Phillip  ·  Aug 7 at 12:53 pm
JVYV posted Jul 31 at 11:17 am
Hi All,

In the month July 4 new fractal parameter files in the collection.

You can find the whole existing collection at the cloud of Microsoft:

Greetings from Belgium

Jan Vyvey

recent by dannac  ·  Aug 2 at 12:45 pm
In the formula editor, if I open up a Replace Box with Ctrl-H and try to paste into one of the lines inside the box with Ctrl-V, the replacement text goes into the formula at the cursor position instead of into the Replace Box.

This is not the behavior that I had expected

recent by Spizzi  ·  Jul 30 at 2:09 pm
I have an older INtel i7 computer I don't use anymore because I replaced it with newer one. I would like to use the old I7 computer as a server. To my understanding. THere is a way to make the older computer into a Server. Reading the instructions I am trying to understand some things.

Does having the server mean that all computation runs on the server all computers running server or is
recent by FractalGnome  ·  Jul 24 at 8:46 pm
Spizzi posted Jul 21 at 4:55 pm
I'm addicted with this new combination that i have discovered, here's another one, a different zoom of Newton Mask, i'm thinking to explore this formula and maybe create a new one exploring the Point of Source method in Slope 3D Enhanced III, it's the first time that i use this method in Slope and with Newton formula is perfect.
I will explore more
Ciao buon week-end

Request: Better control over periodicity checking.

Currently, periodicity checking is controlled by a limited set of options: "off, rough, normal, conservative". I don't know how it is implemented, but I am guessing some orbit distance threshold preset table or similarly.

I work with fractals that are very sensitive to the periodicity checking, yet turning it off altogether would real
recent by Frederik Slijkerman  ·  Jul 21 at 7:43 am
Spizzi posted Jul 14 at 9:23 pm
Hi All,
This is a zoom of the basic layer of Mandy Newton posted before, they are 3 layers, it's zoomed at 5.99E8, i post it to show how changes slope parameters while we zoom it, if you open Mandy Newton and this new one zoomed, you can see that Height Post Scale are very small and also Orbit separation, more zoom you do more you must play with this 2 formula parameters(Orbit separation and H
recent by Frederik Slijkerman  ·  Jul 21 at 7:42 am
dannac posted Jul 7 at 7:20 pm
Is it possible to display the colors of a gradient on a layer. just as they are displayed in the editor ?
Layer would be identical to gradient colors.

recent by dannac  ·  Jul 15 at 7:50 pm
Spizzi posted Jul 14 at 4:45 pm
Hi all,
Another one exploring always SlopeMandNetwon and 3D texturizer Enhanced III in color mode point source, interesting shapes, now i have a new game.
Have a good week end

MandyNewton {
Spizzi posted Jul 12 at 9:27 pm
Hi all,
I was exploring my SlopeMandNewton and i find an interesting effect in slope using Reb.ucl 3d Texturizer Enhanced III and using Lighting Type in Point of Source, the slope takes a surge

NewtonMask {
recent by Velvet--Glove  ·  Jul 13 at 6:45 pm
Clark posted Jul 13 at 3:54 pm
Eval mode on v601 worked fine, but I just bought v605 and now there is no animation menu or timeline on v601 and v605. Anyone else have this issue? Any fix? MacOS 10.14.6

dannac posted Jul 4 at 2:27 pm
Brought in a wood texture image and applied kaleidoscope mapping.

Any way to remove white lines it creates ?

Mapping04 {
title="Mapping04" width=640 height=480 layers=1
credits="Danna Chiasson;7/4/2023" antialiasing=yes
caption="Background" opacity=100 transparent=yes
center=5.2843953685/1.1476158665 magn=0.51656276 transforms=1
recent by dannac  ·  Jul 8 at 8:13 pm
JVYV posted Jul 1 at 10:33 am
Hi All,

In the month June 3 new fractal parameter files in the collection.

You can find the whole existing collection at the cloud of Microsoft:

Greetings from Belgium

Jan Vyvey

physicist posted Jun 25 at 7:25 pm
When I'm browsing formulas, it's very helpful that UF calculates and shows thumbnails of each possible formula.

There are also drop-down lists in many formulas, such as the built-in Function list (sin, sinh, asin, ...). It would be very helpful if UF could show calculate and show thumbnails of each choice.

Not easy to implement, but as long as I'm dreaming ...

recent by Frederik Slijkerman  ·  Jun 28 at 3:00 pm
JVYV posted Dec 27 '17 at 12:49 pm
Hi Frederik,

When using UF6 (and the previous versions also) my computers CPU (Intel I5 with 4 cores) is working at 100 % while my GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GTX670) is doing ... right ... nothing at all.

There are softwares - I'm refering to "SETI@home" (*) - that are doing math calculations and are using not only the CPU's in your PC but also the GPU as you can see on the diagram below and th
recent by FractalGnome  ·  Jun 10 at 1:41 pm
physicist posted Jun 3 at 4:33 pm
I saw a painting by Bridget Riley (see https://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/new-exhibit-showcases-mind-bending-art-bridget-riley-180980563/) and wondered what I could make that would be similar. It’s clearly a case of adding waves to horizontal lines.

I wanted to start with a pixel formula and a coloring formula that would just reproduce the gradient horizontally and then apply a
recent by dannac  ·  Jun 5 at 2:27 pm
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