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Questions about Ultra Fractal, sharing of parameter sets (UPRs), and everything else that doesn't fit in the other categories.
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Mark Jeronimus posted 3 days ago at 7:56 am
Since I've been out of the loop for so long, I have no idea even how old Uf6 is. It seems like this forum is seldomly visited by people, the mailing list seems to be long dead, the showcase only contains ancient stuff, the pdf manual is incomplete, the online manual contains dead links, and to top it off, the subdomain for the public formula library seems to be dead in the water. Is there any hop
recent by Alexandre Vachon  ·  1 day ago at 12:17 pm
I recently picked UF.5 up again to do some math experiments. I wrote a coloring algorithm, but calculations became very slow at a zoom depth of 1e24. I read UF.6 was a lot faster and maybe perturbation could also help (as I'm using Mandelbrot).

Opening the fractal in UF.6, the coloring algorithm doesn't seem to work anymore. I tried loading a non-perturbation version of Mandel, but it still d
recent by Phillip  ·  Jul 7 at 6:40 pm
WIN11hosed posted Jun 2 at 5:07 am
Has anyone else experienced a massive slowdown running windows 11 compared to windows 10? I ran the exact same Ultra fractal file on my 2 computers, and the windows 11 computer is about 2.5x slower. With the faster RAM, SSD and CPU, I was expecting about a 2x increase on performance in the newer computer. Both computers are running the same version of Ultra fractal.
Although the newer comp
recent by Frederik Slijkerman  ·  Jun 19 at 1:17 pm
So I've been trying to find different ways to get rid of this stutter that occurs at the start and end of my looping gradients.

The slower the animation, the more obvious it is but it's still there even when it's just 6 seconds on loop.

Example posted to YouTube

It occurred on my ancient PC and it still happens on my newer one which makes me think it's a software issue. Does anyone h
recent by Sycaid  ·  May 3 at 8:06 pm
Urs posted Sep 30 '18 at 5:53 pm
Hi, after using only notebooks for over a decade, I am thinking about getting a (Windows) desktop PC. Not being much of a gamer, my primary concern with performance is deep-zooming the Mandelbrot set in UF. Does anybody have a suggestion for this, or even a benchmark computed on their machine?

I've read Frederik suggesting an i7. Is UF specifically tailored to Intel? I never read anything abo
recent by Frederik Slijkerman  ·  Mar 11 at 8:07 am
dannac posted Feb 25 at 3:41 pm
Lets say I have more than 1 fractal window open.

I realize I can go to the top menu Window - ( choose fractal window )

Is there a way to assign a keyboard short cut to switch between the fractal windows ?

recent by dannac  ·  Feb 26 at 1:55 pm
Hi there,
I love kcc outside coloring trap shapes. There is one however that doesn't work correctly when setting the background color to zero opacity, it's the bubbles trap. The other shapes are ok and the black disappears. I've even tried different formulas but with same results. Does anyone know why this is?

I've included an example and for some reason the params are very long, sorry
recent by KathyR  ·  Feb 13 at 7:17 pm
JVYV posted Dec 27 '17 at 12:49 pm
Hi Frederik,

When using UF6 (and the previous versions also) my computers CPU (Intel I5 with 4 cores) is working at 100 % while my GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GTX670) is doing ... right ... nothing at all.

There are softwares - I'm refering to "SETI@home" (*) - that are doing math calculations and are using not only the CPU's in your PC but also the GPU as you can see on the diagram below and th
recent by FractalGnome  ·  Feb 9 at 5:49 pm
Hi everyone,

I'm very happy to announce the release of Ultra Fractal 6.06. This free update for existing version 6 users introduces native Apple Silicon support, so Ultra Fractal will now run at maximum speed on all new Macs using M1 or later processors. For both Mac and Windows, this update also includes various bug fixes.

You can download it here:
Is there a way nowadays to export a flame (a single layer, actually) that is in an UPR as a .flame or to the clipboard or revert it back to be imported into Apophysis 7 or to the clipboard without any extra UF codes so that it can be read and redone? It currently uses the direct coloring algorithm (but it was originally made way before that, it's from 2004), and it's impossible to know which tran
Dint posted May 9 '23 at 9:52 pm
I have an older INtel i7 computer I don't use anymore because I replaced it with newer one. I would like to use the old I7 computer as a server. To my understanding. THere is a way to make the older computer into a Server. Reading the instructions I am trying to understand some things.

Does having the server mean that all computation runs on the server all computers running server or is
recent by Phillip  ·  Jan 4 at 1:35 am
Hi everyone,

The last year I've been hard at work to update Ultra Fractal to run natively on the new Apple Silicon Macs. That was not an easy task because the internal formula compiler outputs JIT-compiled native code so it needed to be partially rewritten specially for the new ARM processors. I'm very happy to announce that it's ready for a public beta test now! If you own an Apple Silicon M
recent by sblank  ·  Nov 25 '23 at 11:52 pm
Ruth posted Oct 27 '23 at 4:54 am
I'm currently evaluating Ultra Fractal on a 30-day trial basis on my Macbook Pro laptop and have two questions before I purchase this software:

Once I've purchased the license for this software, are subsequent new versions of the software free or will I have to pay each time a new version comes out? If I have to pay each time the next version comes out, does anyone know how much that costs?
recent by Ruth  ·  Nov 1 '23 at 1:57 am
Completely new to Ultrafractal.

Is it possible (and if so, in a simple way) to do black and white (no gradient) scatter plots for Julia sets with Mandelbrot parameters (i.e. constant offset) as input (ideally selecting from a Mandelbrot plot)?

And is it possible to adjust "dot size" for that in a reasonable way? Background: The goal is to have these printed, and pure dots on big resolutio
recent by Phillip  ·  Aug 7 '23 at 12:53 pm
dannac posted Jul 4 '23 at 2:27 pm
Brought in a wood texture image and applied kaleidoscope mapping.

Any way to remove white lines it creates ?

Mapping04 {
title="Mapping04" width=640 height=480 layers=1
credits="Danna Chiasson;7/4/2023" antialiasing=yes
caption="Background" opacity=100 transparent=yes
center=5.2843953685/1.1476158665 magn=0.51656276 transforms=1
recent by dannac  ·  Jul 8 '23 at 8:13 pm
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