The Showcase gallery exhibits fractal art created with Ultra Fractal, each time focusing on a single fractal artist. This time, the featured artist is Frank Otillio. In his own words:

My wife Stacy and I first became interested in fractals over 20 years ago when we studied Mathematics at the University of New Orleans. We were fascinated at just how different fractals were from other types of art. Fractal software like Ultra Fractal really makes it easy to explore the formulas and iterations necessary to produce your artwork and the more you learn the better you become at guiding its direction. Unfortunately you will never be fully in control! It truly is a partnership between you and the math.

Hurricane Katrina - Heaven vs Hell
A swirling battle of light versus dark.
Lush - Abstract Floral
An antique abstract floral piece consisting of multiple contrasting layers.
Fleur de Lis
A tribute to New Orleans and of course anyone who likes the Fleur de Lis!
A fun combination of geometric and fractal design in an antique Fall color palette (obviously our favorite).

Stacy and I have a very small collection of completed works and have taken long breaks to pursue careers in technology, but now with the launch of our free children's learning site we are back in action and hope to dedicate a large portion of the site to fractal learning and exploration.

We also have high resolution prints available for purchase at

A composite tribute to the Antikythera mechanism using both fractal and texture overlay.
Alien Harvest
This is one of my favorite pure fractal pieces.  A very alien and energetic looking world.
A composite of earthy texture and feathery fractal.  It was named Two...
Flor is a fractal / digital texture composite including a vibrant lace overlay.
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