This is a small collection of Ultra Fractal resources on the web: fractal galleries, articles, utilities, and so on. If you are looking for additional formula downloads, see Public formulas.

Ultra Fractal 5 Challenges
Contains tutorials and challenges by Ron Barnett that will help you to get up to speed with the new features in Ultra Fractal 5.

Ultra Fractal Resources List
The Ultra Fractal Resource List by Janet Parke is a comprehensive list of all Ultra Fractal-related sites, including links to tutorials, articles, and many fractal galleries.

Apophysis is a free program originally written by Mark Townsend. Explore and create Flame and IFS fractals and render them with Ultra Fractal.

Ultra Fractal Courses
Online courses by Janet Parke that will teach you how to work with Ultra Fractal and create your own fractals.

Ultra Fractal Tutorials by Kerry Mitchell
Various tutorials by Kerry Mitchell including the material for an earlier Writing Ultra Fractal Formulas online course.

Background on Ultra Fractal
An excellent introduction to Ultra Fractal and its unique capabilities by Damien Jones.

Fractal Art Manifesto
Introduces and explains the concept of fractal art. Written by Kerry Mitchell.

Fractal Art Contests
This site display all entries submitted to the 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000 Fractal Art contests, including the winning images. These contest were held during the summer, and among the entries are many excellent fractals, most of which were created with Ultra Fractal.

Janet Parke Fractal Art Galleries
Fractal images by Janet Parke. Here you will also find the highly recommended galleries from the "challenges" on the mailing list: informal contests with the goal to learn more about Ultra Fractal.

Bring It In
This is a utility written by Mark Hammond to import images into Ultra Fractal 3 or 4 by converting them to (long) coloring algorithms. (Ultra Fractal 5 has a built-in image import feature.)

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