Working with layers

Layers are managed in the Layers tab of the Fractal Properties tool window.


Click the Add button to add a new layer, duplicating the active layer.
Hold down the Add button to open a menu with layer presets. See Presets.

  Click the Delete button to delete the currently selected layers.

Click the New Group button to create a new layer group. See Layer groups.

Most commands and tool windows (such as the Layer Properties tool window) work on the currently selected layers. So, by selecting layers in the layers list, you change what is being edited by these other tool windows.

To the left of each layer is a row of icons. These icons toggle various properties.


The Visible icon toggles the visibility of the layer. Use it to temporarily hide a layer, so you can more clearly see the other layers.


The Editable icon selects whether a layer is editable. Only editable layers are affected by zooming operations. By default, all layers are editable, so if you want to zoom in on only one layer, you should clear this icon on the other layers first.


The Transparent icon selects whether transparent areas in a layer are visible. See Transparent layers.


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