Previously featured artist: Ron Barnett.

I am a retired biochemist who, before retirement, worked for a few years as a computer systems validation director for a laboratory instrument company. I have had an interest in fractals since the mid 1980's, initially writing fractal generation programs in Pascal. I used FractInt for several years and was delighted to find Ultra Fractal in 1999. With the advent of Ultra Fractal 5 I have written numerous object-oriented formulas, and most of my fractal art is created using my own formulas which are in the Ultra Fractal formula database. All of the works shown here required Ultra Fractal 5 for creation.

The Alchemist's Table
Trying to fit it all together
A raytraced image of the 3D Mandelbulb fractal...
There is a cosmic influence here
Created on a fractal forge

I have a special interest in the artistic representation of textures and 3D shapes. The universe is fractal at so many different levels and is a universal source of beauty.

Anasazi Memorial
Dedicated to the the extinct Anasazi Native Americans of Southwestern Colorado
The influence of Felix Klein
Could be hands of the Jabberwocky
Desert Starflower
Rare and hard to find
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