Ultra Fractal 5.02 release notes

Ultra Fractal 5.02, released on April 22, 2009, is a free upgrade for Ultra Fractal 5 with bug fixes and improvements. This is a recommended upgrade for all users.


  • Improved the behavior of the pop-up panel with Eyedropper and Explore buttons that appears if you click in an input box. It now appears also when you click again on the input box that was last active. Previously, you would need to click on another input box, and then back, to reactivate the pop-up panel.
  • The lines in the formula parameter lists in Layer Properties tool window that show the hierarchical structure for classes are now more clearly visible.
  • The Using images help topic has been rewritten to explain things more
    clearly, and a new Combining fractals with images topic has been added that show how to combine images with fractal structure.
  • When saving a parameter set or a gradient, the browser now ensures that the file extension is correct (either .upr or .ugr).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed window positioning problems (in particular when starting Ultra Fractal) on multiple monitor systems.
  • Fixed a crash that could in some cases occur when switching to the Mapping tab with multiple layers selected.
  • Fixed bug in the browser when generating thumbnails for large files that could cause thumbnails in the list to overwrite each other.
  • Fixed bug that caused an Index out of bounds error message when a formula specified an out-of-range default value for an enumerated parameter.
  • Fixed bug when inserting a new control point in the RGB/HSL bars in a
    gradient with the color and opacity parts linked. Previously this would incorrectly initialize the opacity of the new control point.
  • Fixed bug that caused "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error message when opening a new fractal window with Select mode active.
  • Fixed possible crash in arbitrary precision mode with complex formulas that use classes.
  • Fixed possible black strips in large (8000+ pixels wide) rendered images with higher anti-aliasing depth settings on multi-core computers.
  • Fixed various compiler bugs with classes that derive from a base class with a class parameter.
  • Fixed bug that caused a duplicated fractal window to incorrectly keep a link to the parameter file associated with the original fractal window. This could for example cause the wrong fractal window to be reverted when re-opening the original parameter set.
  • Fixed compiler bug that could cause a crash when a formula contains a parameter or a constant expression as a statement (which should be ignored).
  • Fixed bug that could cause the network server application to return an error in some cases when used in combination with formulas that use classes. (Animation Edition only.)
  • Fixed various bugs with tool window menu items and commands in the Standard Edition, e.g. the F12 key wouldn't work correctly.


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