Ultra Fractal 5.53 for Mac release notes

Ultra Fractal 5.53, released on August 14, 2013, is a free update for Ultra Fractal 5 for Mac. It fixes several bugs that surfaced in the previous Ultra Fractal 5.52 update (which added Extended Edition features). Ultra Fractal 5.53 is a recommended update for all Mac users, even if you're not interested in the Extended Edition features.

What's new in Ultra Fractal 5.53 for Mac?

  • Fixed a bug that caused the priority of fractal calculations and display updates to be too high, reducing general responsiveness.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the histogram in the Statistics tool window from being drawn at all.
  • Fixed a bug that caused license keys with accented letters to be rejected.


Download Ultra Fractal 5.53 for Mac

Buy online

You can purchase Ultra Fractal for Mac in the online shop. Existing Windows users can purchase an upgrade to the Mac version for a reduced price.

For technical support, you can contact the author of Ultra Fractal via e-mail at .


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