Ultra Fractal 5.55 for Mac release notes

Ultra Fractal 5.55, released on January 23, 2017, is a free update for Ultra Fractal 5 for Mac. It adds compatibility with macOS Sierra (10.12).

What's new in Ultra Fractal 5.55 for Mac?

  • Fixed a problem introduced by the 10.12.2 update for macOS Sierra that caused
    the main menu and pop-up menus to be unusable.
  • Fixed a problem on macOS Sierra that caused drop-down input boxes to trigger
    their action before showing the menu (e.g. the File Format drop-down in the
    Render to Disk dialog would show the Export dialog right away, interfering
    with the pop-up menu that would appear as well).
  • Fixed a possible crash when viewing file or folder names with special
    characters in the browser.


Download Ultra Fractal 5.55 for Mac

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You can purchase Ultra Fractal for Mac in the online shop. Existing Windows users can purchase an upgrade to the Mac version for a reduced price.

For technical support, you can contact the author of Ultra Fractal via e-mail at .


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