Ultra Fractal 6.02 release notes

Ultra Fractal 6.02, released on December 21, 2018, is a free update for Ultra Fractal 6. It contains bug fixes and small improvements and is a recommended update for all Ultra Fractal 6 users.

What's new in Ultra Fractal 6.02?

  • The toolbars for fractal windows, browser and formula editors can now be customized on Windows. Right-click a toolbar to select which buttons and other items should be shown. There are more actions available than before such as undo, redo, copy, paste, and the toolbar can now also be displayed in Small Icons mode so it becomes similar to the toolbar in Ultra Fractal 5. On Mac, the toolbar was already customizable, but the new actions are available here as well.
  • Fixed a problem that caused multithreading to work inefficiently in arbitrary precision mode with formulas that use classes/plug-ins.
  • Fixed a bug in the formula compiler that could cause some formulas that use the round/trunc/ceil/floor functions to produce a different image than in Ultra Fractal 5.
  • Fixed a bug that caused exported images in TIFF format to be unreadable in some programs.
  • Fixed a bug on Mac that could cause crashes when using a MacBook Pro with a pressure-sensitive trackpad.
  • Fixed a bug on Mac that would cause a crash when sorting an empty list in e.g. the Find Entries dialog in the browser.
  • Fixed a bug on Mac that caused the histogram in the Statistics tool window to be invisible.
  • Fixed a bug on Windows where the keyboard focus would be lost after showing an Open or Save dialog.
  • Fixed a bug on Windows where the tool windows would be shown incorrectly after clicking the Show Desktop button in task bar to hide all windows, and then activating another application.
  • Fixed a problem where the fractal window could become too small when slowly typing a new width or height value with the "Resize with fractal window" option enabled.
  • Small bug fixes and improvements.


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You can purchase Ultra Fractal 6 in the online shop. Users of Ultra Fractal 5 and earlier versions can purchase an upgrade for a reduced price.

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