Ultra Fractal 6.05 release notes

Ultra Fractal 6.05, released on July 9, 2022, is a free update for Ultra Fractal 6. It contains bug fixes and small improvements and is a recommended update for all Ultra Fractal 6 users.

What's new in Ultra Fractal 6.05?

  • Improved the anti-aliasing algorithm used by the Render to Disk feature to produce better results and take less CPU time, especially with Depth settings larger than 1.
  • Docked Mode tool windows now only show the mode of the fractal window they belong to, which fixes problems with e.g. Explore mode and multiple fractal windows.
  • The maximized state of fractal windows, formula editors, and browsers is now restored when reopening a file or window. (Previously windows would never restore as maximized.)
  • Previews in eyedropper mode now get a higher calculation priority, so they also work well if the fractal is currently calculating.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the frame input in the animation bar to be invisible on Windows (since version 6.04).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the network server application on Mac to prematurely stop calculating, as well as possible issues when using multiple connections to the same server.
  • Double-clicking a float value in an edit control now also includes the sign in the selection on Windows.
  • Implemented Esc shortcut to cancel the eyedropper.
  • Changing monitors (e.g. unplugging an external monitor) could previously cause floating tool windows to become invisible: this is now fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in the browser that would cause all formula thumbnails except the first to have the default aspect ratio.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Previous/Next Frame keyboard shortcuts not to work on Mac.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented touch gestures for zooming, rotating and panning (e.g. on a trackpad) from working on Mac.
  • Fixed various minor visual issues on both Windows and Mac.
  • Small bug fixes and improvements.


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