Windows Vista support in Ultra Fractal

Versions of Ultra Fractal prior to 4.04 will have some problems installing and running correctly on Windows Vista.


Upgrade to Ultra Fractal 4.04 for full Windows Vista support. This upgrade is free for existing users of Ultra Fractal 4. See also Ultra Fractal 4.04 release notes.


Version 2 and 3 of Ultra Fractal will display an error message when installing on Windows Vista. To be able to install these versions, right-click the downloaded installer and click Run as Administrator. If you still get an error message, simply repeat this process until the installation finishes successfully.

To open the help file for Ultra Fractal 2 or 3 on Windows Vista, double-click it in the application folder. By default, this is C:\Program Files\Ultra Fractal 3, or C:\Program Files\Ultra Fractal.

No updates are planned for these versions.
For technical support, you can also contact the author of Ultra Fractal via e-mail at .

Applies To

Ultra Fractal 2 and 3

Fixed In

Ultra Fractal 4.04 and later


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