Rendering parameter files

You may sometimes wish to render all images and animations in a parameter file to disk. Instead of rendering each image separately, you can render the entire parameter file to disk with one command.

  Hold down the Add button on the Render to Disk tool window, and click Add Parameter File. Select a parameter file to render in the dialog box that appears, and click Open.

This will open the Render Parameter File to Disk dialog box. Here, you can specify a folder that will contain the rendered bitmap images, the file format, the desired size and resolution, and the anti-aliasing settings.

You can choose to render all images in the parameter file, or only selected images, or only the images that do not yet exist in the destination folder (useful to update a folder that holds the images for a parameter file if you have added new parameter sets).

In addition, you can select if you only want to render the still images or the animations in the parameter file, or both. For example, you can render the still images in PNG format and the animations in AVI or Quicktime format by rendering the parameter file twice, selecting the Only Stills option the first time, and Only Animations the second time, with appropriate file format settings.

Click OK to start rendering the parameter file. This will create a new render job that starts calculating the images in the background. Render jobs can be monitored and managed in the Render to Disk tool window.

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