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physicist posted May 15 '20 at 7:42 pm
In the default section of a formula, I would like to be able to do the commented line below but the compiler does not allow it:

int param n1
int param n2
max=@n1 ; compiler says invalid setting

recent by physicist  ·  May 22 '20 at 4:21 pm
KathyR posted Dec 31 '19 at 5:01 pm
Any idea what's causing the black to appear over the fractal image? I suppose one of the variables is out of range but I happen to like the design I'm seeing on screen and don't wish to vary it too much. Thanks!

LambdaJuliaWithBlackStripe {
title="Lambda Julia with black stripe" width=800 height=650 layers=1
credits="Kathy;12/31/2019" antialiasing=yes

recent by Velvet--Glove  ·  Jan 1 '20 at 12:48 pm
Urs posted Dec 6 '19 at 11:47 pm
I usually render to disk with a resolution far higher than that of the fractal window. Sometimes, this means that perturbation mode would probably be used for the rendering, but I have no way of setting the precision level because it's only shown when that mode is also used for the fractal window.

Hence, I'd either suggest such an option in the rendering dialog, or to make the perturbation pr
recent by Frederik Slijkerman  ·  Dec 13 '19 at 11:01 am
Urs posted Oct 7 '19 at 12:39 am
I've tried to reproduce the image posted here but failed, even at the "Precise" setting for Perturbation: essentially, the whole center is 'missing'. While such problems can always occur, I thought I'd report this in case you want to make the algorithm a bit more robust.

Re = -0.1539465335054964690901834505221291075155694452817396340987201
Im = -1.030516765000659787821940789035664424026379794
recent by Frederik Slijkerman  ·  Oct 8 '19 at 6:20 pm

I recently updated my CPU and got a Ryzen 9 3900X with 12 cores and 24 threads and that caused me to find what I think is a bug. To be clear, the program works fine, the image is rendered, so it's more of a nuisance than a real problem.

What happens, is that for images wider than 1931 pixels, certain thread counts will cause 50% of the image centered horizontally to be renderd firs
recent by Frederik Slijkerman  ·  Oct 2 '19 at 8:57 pm
Threedeman posted Aug 30 '19 at 11:10 pm
Hi, I got UF 5.4 on 5/17/2017. I upgraded to an UHD monitor 3840 x 2160 resolution about 6 months ago, and UF 5.4 is unusable because the interface does not support UHD, and the menus and fonts are too small and unreadable. Does the latest version of UF support UHD monitors?

recent by Frederik Slijkerman  ·  Sep 3 '19 at 9:23 pm
physicist posted Jun 24 '19 at 8:43 pm
I'm making some formulas that can nest and the parameter names get hard to see because the left part of the panel isn't wide enough. When I widen the panel, only the right part of the panel gets widened, not the left part, the part that I want widened. Here's the standard panel width:
and what happens after I widen the panel:

Could the two sides of the widened panel widen proport
recent by physicist  ·  Jun 26 '19 at 12:21 pm
photoceram posted Apr 4 '19 at 4:14 pm
I think it's a bug?
Why, when rendering, I write that I want for instance an 600 x 400 at 72 dpi and png, I obtain an image 600x400 but at 28 dpi?
I must resize with my favorite photopaint
What shall I have to do?
I see it is not the same with jpeg files where I obtain for the same parameters a 300 dpi picture?....

recent by Velvet--Glove  ·  Apr 4 '19 at 4:34 pm
I was wondering if there would be some way the user could control just how "smooth" smooth interpolation keyframes are, as in, how flat or narrow the peak is. The reason I am interested in this is because sometimes, even with smooth interpolation, the resulting animation ends up being too fast.

This may be through something analogous to keyframe handles in Adobe After Effects. Or perhaps an
recent by johntravolski  ·  Mar 29 '19 at 4:35 pm
I've noticed something recently that has caused me some unwelcome extra work, although now that I've pinned it down I can take care to avoid it. I thought I would just mention the issue here in case it's something that needs attention.

The issue concerns the dragging of a Group to a new fractal window. It occurs in both UF5 and UF6 and can be 100% reproduced by doing the following:

recent by Velvet--Glove  ·  Feb 23 '19 at 1:00 pm
physicist posted Jan 2 '19 at 2:22 pm
In one of my formulas there is a parameter that is required to be non-negative. If I put in a negative value, a sound plays and the parameter is not changed. Perhaps a message flashes on the bottom line of the window, but if it does, it's too fast to read.

This can be confusing to the user. A message like "Parameter out of bounds" would help if it stayed up a few seconds.

recent by Frederik Slijkerman  ·  Jan 4 '19 at 10:23 am
Pausing computation: Provided I'm not missing any existing functionality, is there anybody else who would welcome a pausing feature for 'normal' computations, i.e. outside "Render to Disk"? Sometimes when I was too greedy with open windows, I'd like to be able to prioritise which image actually gets completed first, or I keep a window open for some reason whose computation I'm not currently inter
recent by Urs  ·  Dec 10 '18 at 8:49 pm
keith posted May 12 '18 at 12:58 am
Hi Frederik,

I have a list of complaints and requests for 6.01. I'm using Windows 10.

Make it so that the Render to Disk window can be minimized or allow it to move to the back so that I don't have it in the way of my workspace during a render.

This isn't too much of a problem... but if I inadvertently close the Render to Disk window during a render, allow it to be reopened without c
recent by Frederik Slijkerman  ·  May 18 '18 at 12:59 pm
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